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The Department of Wandering welcomes expat Mary Johnson and guest blogger to share her favorite spots around Prague for the perfect weekend stay. Mary knows how to take advantage of a weekend in her city that was new and has lived in Prague! - Given that I was living in Prague for a while, I appear to be a local. Among the simplest parts about living here in Prague are that I get lots. They stay for a weekend along with I get to be a tour guide. My areas I like to take my guests are encompassed by the itinerary to, along with I do it in the simplest way possible to see the city.

I need to admit that I love nature, so all these places are relaxing and calm. Primarily: a breakfast - I have the same notion and Regarding the very first meal of the day, the Prague sailors significance: in the manner daily hasn't started without a good breakfast! I prefer combining this requirement Petn Hill While I've guests. These old vineyards have been made into a great park which became my favored place within the city. The fields, orchards along with hills seem to stretch on forever. And no worries if you arrive there late because they serve breakfast all day long.

Did you know that this castle complex is exactly the biggest in exactly the world? Coming back from the castle, I like to jump into the Hradany District. This quaint little neighbourhood surrounds the castle, so it could be regarded as one of exactly the oldest districts in Prague. After arriving in Prague 2 years ago, I learned that exactly the whole district around exactly the castle burned down around 1500 CE, and this gave exactly the opportunity for exactly the noble families of Prague to build new beautiful houses on exactly the ashes of exactly the old ones.

Now it's time to cross exactly the river - At this point, its time to cross exactly the famous Charles Bridge. After some hours of walks in Prague, nothing is better than a sandwich in this place. The bistro is also located close Vtkov Hill along with is in exactly the center on Dlouh Street. Here you will find ingredients love herring, wasabi, shrimp along with salmon paired with local cheeses along with sauces. They make their very own bread here too, so its really fresh along with delicious. Try exactly the pumpkin soup on exactly the side! A terrific manner to find a hotel in exactly the desired neighbourhood in Prague is by checking on-line on sites like


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