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The recently recovered swamplands of the Hula Valley, A combined effort of the Jew National Fund, farmers, and nature conservationists are now 000 cranes from Siberia. During the 3 years it may take to get here in Siberia, the crane household units remain together. In the Hula Valley, Israel, family units can be identified by one. The plan was put in action when it became evident that, unlike for people type tourists, Israel is their Grey Crane's wintering location - and his family and friends. These visitors are growing in number over the last several years. Since the favored meal of the crane is located from the corn crops of kibbutz farmers and the moshav, these hard agriculturalists were prepared to take their shot guns in order to conserve their livelihoods.

But, wisdom and vision and the farmers together with JNF and also nature conservationists, have turned into this pest that was prospective, into a winter guest that was welcome. The farmers bring 3 tons of corn. When the feed is distribute the cranes animals they're flock here from the early morning and evening. The Hula Valley was reflooded to feeding the cranes here - in impact to return the region they once were. Now, an area which was until lately dry land, has ponds and streams. Ducks and also geese are among their new inhabitants of their new park. The battle to conserve both agricultural land, and also to encourage migratory birds to winter in Israel, was achieved in a creative and also cooperative effort.

And we've accumulated a wonderful new park with lakes, waterways, a bird lookout tower, bicycle paths, and also wonderful winged guests. Rent a bicycle built for two, electric golf cart, mountain bike, kiddie shlepper. Where: 20 minutes south of Kiryat Shemona, Rte 90. Make sure to enter Hula Agmon Park. To Israel and also their Holy Land creates your ideal trip into Israel. Self guided car trips or hire a guide\/driver to explore Israel. Land arrangements for Independent Travelers into Israel including accommodation in Israel on kibbutz, bed and also breakfast inns, vacation villas, spa hotels. Custom Israel car trip itineraries into match your interests. Hot air balloon flights, kayak adventures, Israel bike trips and also an art village tour - organized by Drive Contact your Israel travel planner, Judy, to create your ideal trip to Israel and also tour of the Holyland.


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