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Every fisherman should have the thrill of hooking Australias fish at least once. There is nothing like going head with a thrashing barramundi, while surrounded by a picturesque and pristine atmosphere. Angling Adventures can provide you by offering access the experience. We provide advice and knowledge to anglers to help them find the freshwater and salt water. About the barramundi - Our fishing trips tackle of novice and seasoned anglers alike and will test both ability. Whether encountered fly, trolling or casting fishing fish make an adrenalin going such as the barra. Barramundi are just about the sport fish that is ideal.

A hunter that was aggressive and opportunistic, they are sometimes taken everywhere fringed billabongs to headlands and river mouths. They flourish feeding on fish, molluscs and crustaceans. Boof or the barramundi's signature surface strike is a sound that will be impressed in your memory since they try to dislodge your lure, not mention their aerial gyrations. Find out why our fishing trips are popular - Our freshwater and salt water with the chance to snag this fish. Here at Angling Adventures, we recommend and facilitate the best fishing tours in Australia. Over the past 3 decades in business, we've developed ongoing relationships and connections who have the top operators in a few of the most remote and pristine locations.

Working from the upper reach of streams all the way to the sea, our barra fishing excursions can cater to your every need. From remote land based lodges, to mother ship operations, we may supply you with tours managing in the best locations available in the North of Australia and PNG. Popular Spot for barramundi fishing excursions in Australia can be seasonal, so check who have Angling Adventures first. Because of the remote locations we operate in, there's the added bonus of experiencing the amazing atmosphere Australia's North has to offer. Contact us today - Discover the ultimate Aussie adventure whenever you reserve an one of Angling Adventures barra fishing excursions.

Get in touch today in 1800 033 094 to embark in a trip of a lifetime. You may also send us an e-mail on or fill out our on-line order forms and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Darwin Fishing Charters Barramundi Fishing Northern Territory Best Information Available Visit Our Darwin Fishing Lodge. Anglers Choice are the LOCAL Dundee Beach fishing charter company. They've been operating fishing charters at Dundee Beach for 12 years and knows the best fishing grounds. They live at Dundee Beach and fish the waters daily, so they're always up to date with the most recent fishing action. More - Located right in the cusp of the Mary River floodplains, you are only moments away from the shoreline as well as Kakadu National Park


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