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The International Air Transport Association called on authorities alongside other aviation stakeholders to work together to increase aviation connectivity's benefits. Aviation is important to encouraging tourism in the area, transporting approximately 50. Aviation can do more if governments work to increase the value aviation delivers. Sadly, aviation is still seen by also lots of the areas governments as a simple target for taxation and a luxury for the wealthy. These fees and taxes aren't spent on fostering capacity and the efficiency of the airways and airport infrastructure, but to put money Cerda said. In one country, approximately 70% of the one way fare consists of charges and taxes, according to a report.

There are 10 other markets for which charges and taxes represent over 30% of the ticket cost with the report. Barbados joined this trend since the authorities term spending budget imposes taxes on air travelers. For a family of four traveling from Europe or North America to Barbados, the tax will add a total of $280. The tax will also affect air travellers inside The Caribbean Community nations, adding $35 to every ticket, a considerable increase in a nutshell haul markets where traffic is already struggling. As there's no denying the budgetary challenges that many governments in the area, imposing heavy fees and taxes on air and air journey negatively affects levels of tourism and business travelthe very things necessary for a vibrant economics, said Cerda.

Excessive taxes are just one challenge. Another is the high price of operating at a number of that the areas airports owing to expensive fees and fees. In addition, restrictive air service agreements in many nations reduces that the number of routes airlines can operate. The Caribbean area is well positioned to maximize the advantages that aviation can deliver.


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