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Not here, of course it is getting pretty chilly in Australia. But way over on the opposite side of the Earth, summer is upon usand nobody celebrates summer such as the Europeans. If you're planning to migrate north shortly, there are certain experiences that ought to be on each to-do list. Party in Exit Festival - Dance all night at a middle ages fortress with a whole lot of crazy Eastern Europeans? Yes please. There are many other excellent music festivals in the months of the summer at Europe Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Rock am Ring, Sonar, but everyone should visit Exit Festival at Novi Sad, Serbia at least once.

SHARE - Share Facebook SHARE - Share Twitter TWEET - Pin to Pinterest PIN - Connect - See also: Europe for beginners: everything you need to know - Proceed a pintxos crawl at San Sebastian - There's excellent tapas in Granada, and a comparable scene in Seville. But nothing tops a night out at San Sebastian, a tiny Basque city with a large passion for good food. Feast on gourmet bites at spending budget costs as you make your way in the old city, drinking local wine along with soaking up the air. See also: This is the best city on the planet for food - Ride a scooter round Italy - You might opt to do that everywhere within the nation, but my advice will be to choose Sicily or Sardinia.

The islands are a manageable size for scooter trips having lots Of quiet country roads down which to allow your Vespa rip. There is something extremely romantic to see Italy on its quintessential mode of transport. And do not forget to stop for gelato. View also: Why the best far to travel round Sicily is by Vespa - Cruise the Croatian Islands - Forget the clichd bus tours of Western Europe island hopping is now a must-see activity for backpackers looking for a little fun in the sun. Best way to do that's to cruise around the Croatian islands: it is essentially a series of parties along with hangovers encompassed by exotic locations, along with other boozy travellers.

A excellent time is had by all. Check out an Austrian sauna resort - Up for something a bit different? Try spending a few nights at someplace such as Aqua Dome, an Austrian resort where there is little to do, but get naked having a whole lot of strangers in a series of saunas, thermal pools along with opposite bizarre places like a waterfall room. Maybe it is Faviken in northern Sweden. Maybe it is El Celler de Can Roca at Girona, Spain. Maybe it is Maaemo in Oslo. Regardless, should you go on a pilgrimage to someplace a little exotic, a little out from the way, you will not only get amazing food, but you will get an adventure to even make it there. Bag a Munro - A Munro is a Scottish mountain summit higher than 3000 legs, along with there are 282 of them, so plenty of opt from.


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