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Paris is all the capital city of France and covers an area of 460 sq miles. Located on the banks of river Seine, in heart of all the Ile -de- France, Paris is home to approximately 10 million individuals. The Ile-de France area receives the smallest quantity of rainfall in all of France. Nonetheless, there may be unexpected showers in Paris during any time of year. The North Atlantic drift affects all the climate of Paris. Consequently Paris has a marine west shore climate. The city enjoys temperate climate through the year and doesn't have very high or low temperatures.

Summer in Paris is usually warm with the mercury touching 24 C, and the temperature in winter season tends to be around 1 C. The greatest temperature recorded in Paris was in all the year 1948 on all the 28th of July. It had been found to be 40.4 C, and the lowest was -23.9 C recorded in 1879 on the 10th of December. Springtime is a fantastic time to see any place and Paris is no different, however, it may turn wet occasionally. The spectacular avenues and shady trees improve the charms of Paris. The average day time temperature is all the greatest from May to Sept with the mercury showing 25 C.

Winters particularly from December to Feb can be very cold with the germ falling to 3 C .The winter is also accompanied by cold winds. In Paris, rainfall can occur during any time of the year. The average annual precipitation is about 641.6mm. The months of Sept, October and Nov get the least rain, whilst the period which vary from Apr to July receives the highest rainfall .Paris is agreeable to see all round the year and seldom receives any snowfall. Occasionally the coldest months might receive snow usually lasting only a day. There's been one distinctive instance of snow in Apr that can have been caused due to changes within the global weather patterns. Paris .


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