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São Paulo may not be such a common vacation destination, but it could surprise you due to so many attractions in the city! Not even to mention that people there are the best!

Here we are showing what you cannot miss in this amazing city!
1 – Vila Madalena
Vila Madalena is the main bohemian neighborhood in the city. There are so many bars that it’s even hard to decide where to go! Besides the bars, there are many graffiti walls around there.

2 – Avenida Paulista (Paulista Avenue)
This is the main avenue in the city and financial center. Just walk around, you can find several restaurants and malls. Make sure to go to MASP (Sao Paulo Art Museum) – on Thursdays the entrance is free! Make sure to pass by Oscar Freire st., is very nearby and have the prettiest stores (and most expansive as well!).

3 – Mercado Municipal (Mercadão)
This is the city municipal market, a must go! It’s located in the city center. You can find several amazing Brazilian fruits and the very famous sanduiche de mortadella! Make sure also to eat some pasteis!

4 – Liberdade
Liberdade is a Japanese traditional neighborhood in the city center, very close to the Mercado Municipal. You can find there several traditional Japanese restaurants for a very affordable price. During the weekends you can also find an amazing traditional Japanese market selling arts products, food and antiques.

5 – 25 de Março
We can say 25 de Março is the ``Chinatown`` in São Paulo. It’s also located in the city center, few minutes walk from Liberdade. Get ready to shop! You can find anything you want for very affordable prices. You can arrive or leave there by subway at ``Se`` station.

Consider also renting a car to travel around, São Paulo is a huge city!

Besides São Paulo, take the chance to travel around Brazil! It’s an amazing country with all kind of attractions!
The historic places of Brazil provide a glimpse into the nation's rich ancient culture and customs and take you back in time. To experience the historical tradition of the Portuguese colonial times, check out the cities of Parati, Olinda, Ouro Preto along with Belo Horizonte. These historic places of Brazil have preserved the heritage of the nation's colonial past. Here's a listing of the major historic sites of Brazil which attracts tourists all over the world. Ouro Preto - Olinda - Belo Horizonte - Parati - Ouro Preto - The historical city of Ouro Preto founded towards the end of the seventeenth century, has been centre of this gold rush along with Brazil's golden age in this nineteenth century.

The numerous churches, museums, colonial homes and streets of Ouro Preto bear witness to its past prosperity and the exceptional ability of the Baroque sculptor Aleijadinho. In the end of the eighteenth century, Ouro Preto, and Recife, was the sight of the motion for Brazilian independence from Portugal. Ouro Preto is full of distinguished artwork along with in this year 1933 it was made to a monument. The most of the town's public buildings, baroque churches, and private homes date back to the eighteenth century. As one of the main historic places of Brazil, Ouro Preto is well worth a visit.

Olinda - The historic city of Olinda started in the sixteenth century by the Portuguese. The history of this city is closely associated with this sugar cane industry. Olinda was rebuilt after being Plundered by the Dutch and its fundamental urban structure dates from the eighteenth century. Today it's among the major historical places of Brazil. The town's charm lies in the harmonious equilibrium between this gardens, buildings, Baroque churches, convents and many small passos. Belo Horizonte - Belo Horizonte is this 3rd largest city in Brazil along with the capital of Minas Gerais state. Belo Horizonte is among the main historical places of Brazil. Paraty - Paraty is a fascinating old colonial city from seventeenth Century, situated 125 miles from Rio de Janeiro on Ilha Grande Bay, that is the southeastern shore of Brazil. Owing to the strategic location, Paraty was probably the most crucial ports at Brazil during Ciclo de Ouro, or this Golden Century. Today the opulence of the period can still be observed from the many beautiful and well preserved colonial buildings, within the city center.


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